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Restaurant That Became An International Symbol of Minneapolis During the Uprising Will Rebuild

Gandhi Mahal signs a new lease, Monte Carlo returns, and more in the AM Intel

The street where the restaurant once was. A pile of rubble is being removed by a construction crew.
Ghandi Mahal’s owner, “Let my building burn. Justice needs to be served.”
Joy Summers

Gandhi Mahal, the beloved Indian restaurant with sustainable sourcing practices, will reopen in the Seward neighborhood at the former Chef Shack location while the original location is rebuilt.

The restaurant went from being a favorite amongst locals to an international symbol of what was happening in our city after George Floyd’s killing. The restaurant was located for years near the intersection of East Lake Street and Minnehaha Avenue. An address near the Third Prescient where four officers who were involved in the death of George Floyd on May 25. After his death, protests broke out, first within the city, and soon around the world, galvanizing the Black Lives Movement. As unrest escalated, and interlopers sparked destruction, Gandhi Mahal’s owner Ruhel Islam saw the impending destruction the restaurant he had built over 12 years. His daughter Hafsa shared in a Facebook post that was shared over 33,000 times, her father’s words, “‘Let my building burn, Justice needs to be served, put those officers in jail.”

The restaurant did burn, it along with several neighboring businesses were completely destroyed.

Now, the restaurant has signed a lease at 3025 East Franklin Avenue. The restaurant’s food truck is currently parked outside, and much work will be done out of the truck initially.

Pip Hanson Returns to Bartending At a New Minneapolis Distillery

O’Shaughnessy Distilling Company continues to build up a master list of contributors to the new company being built in Minneapolis, near Surly Brewing Company. The Irish-style whisky distillery has brought in a ton of top beverage talents, including master distiller Brian Nation who joined the project from at Jameson, Mike Duggan the former Phillips CEO, and Pip Hanson has food and beverage director.

Hanson made a huge mark locally as the opening beverage director at Marvel Bar and The Bachelor Farmer. He left that position to run the bar program at world-renowned Artesian Bar in London.

This is his first return to the industry after spending some time away.

The distillery is still under construction and expected to open in 2021.

The neon sign outside of the Monte Carlo
The restaurant was known for being open 365 days a year had closed because of the pandemic
Monte Carlo [Official]

An Iconic North Loop Neon Sign Shines Again As the Monte Carlo Reopens

Monte Carlo, the throwback icon of style and swing will once again serve those Beijing wings, chopped liver, and Cesar salad starting tomorrow. The restaurant had been closed since the statewide mandate on March 17 at the beginning of the pandemic. The restaurant will open for limited indoor and patio dining. The expansive patio is a rare treat in the densely populated neighborhood.

Reservations are best made by calling the restaurant at (612) 333-5900.

Restaurant Workers March to 86 Hate

Today, restaurant workers are gathering in St. Paul at 4 p.m. at the Farmers Market in Lowertown dressed in their uniforms to march to the State Capitol. The demonstration is organized by industry insiders in an effort to bring continued attention to issues important to the industry, including injustice, equality, and police brutality,

You don’t have to be directly employed in the industry to participate. Supporters are all welcome.

Plus, because this is the hospitality industry there will be snacks distributed courtesy of Justin Sutherland, and possibly a few n/a beverages. Check out the event page on Facebook for more information.