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Midtown Global Market’s Taco Shop Will Close at the End of September

Taco Cat, the irreverent shop that fully utilized the tortilla as a blank canvas, will close this fall

The Taco Cat stand inside Midtown Global Market
Taco Cat started as a bike delivery only, cult-beloved, late night munchie hook up
Taco Cat/Facebook

Taco Cat will close on September 30, according to a social media post from the stand inside Midtown Global Market. The palindrome-friendly restaurant began as a late night, bike-delivery-fueled phenomenon, before opening a permanent stand inside the market in late 2015.

Always filled with creative ideas for what could constitute a taco or burrito, the specials would include all kinds stuffings from Dorito encrusted mac and cheese, to vegan poutine burritos, to hot dog studded chili. There has never been a dull order on their menu.

The reason for closing is directly thanks to COVID-19. Co-owner Tristan Johnson told the Star Tribune that as beloved as the business is to he and Daniel Laeger-Hagermeister don’t want to have to put employees at risk to continue to operate the business. Between that, the lease being up on the stand, and other contributing factors, the duo decided it was time to close.

Taco Cat will continue dinner hours Thursday through Saturday through the end of September. Also, they are really sorry about forgetting your chips that one time.

Hey everyone, we’ve got some important news. We’ll be running our Thursday-Saturday 4-8pm dinner service until the end...

Posted by Taco Cat on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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