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Recreate a Minnesota State Fair Day at Home With Two New Kits

The state fair is selling packages so fans can enjoy crop art and gorge themselves in the safety of home.

The state fair entrance
Summer can’t end without the Minnesota State Fair
Photo courtesy wikimedia

The dates that the Minnesota State Fair should have occupied edges ever closer, it feels almost impossible that there won’t be a ceremony of Pronto Pup salutes, sour beer fingers, burlap scratches from a giant slide, or herds of novelty t-shirts slowly migrating through a stretch of land in St. Paul. The organizers of the state fair understand our collective confusion as to how to properly close down the weirdest summer in human memory and that is why they have begun selling kits to bring a piece of the fair home.

Minnesota State Fair: At Home Edition will include daily fair trivia, history, pictures of fair’s past, demonstrations and entertainment, creative contests, videos and activities. All will be accessible online, through the fair’s website and social media channels.

To go next level on the fair celebration, order a State Fair Party In-A-Box and the Crop Art to Go kit. For $40 the Party-in-a-Box includes gear for a party of six with tickets, plates, cups, paper hats, party favors, prizes, a vintage State Fair ribbon, pennant garland décor and a party game. But it’s not a fair without the line to see familiar shapes and people re-created with seeds. The Crop Art to Go kit is $25, includes seven varieties of seeds, eight beginner illustrations to use as design patterns, a 5” x 7” canvas, glue, paintbrush, toothpicks, pencil and directions. You’ll have to convince the fam to form a slow-moving line to parade past the completed crop art to really create that real fair feel. Supplies are limited.

In addition to the kits, merchandise is available for purchase including T-shirts, buttons, mugs, magnets, water bottles, face coverings and more. Order all the stuff online.

Other online ways to get into the fair spirit, include a Fine Arts Exhibition with gallery showings, cookie decorating classes, and more. And, since it isn’t the State Fair without buying something weird you never knew you needed until you saw it at the Fair, there are even links to fair vendors on the website.

Minnesota State Fairgrounds

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