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St. Paul’s Burger Dense Neighborhood Gets Another Beefy Eatery Friday

Burger Dive will open in the former Bay Street Grill

A burger
Burger Dive takes over the former Bay Street Grill on Randolph in St. Paul
Joy Summers

Burger Dive, the burger spot that began in a dive bar kitchen by Josh Thoma, Kevin Fitzgerald, and Nick O’Leary, is opening its second permanent location and first full restaurant this Friday, August 21. Burger Dive lands within the West 7th neighborhood, right in the heart of Twin Cities burger country, where it’s hard to swing a bun without hitting a restaurant with a hot patty on the grill.

Fashioned as a new dive bar to a neighborhood also rich in dive bars, there will be pull tabs, meat raffles, and trivia on various nights of the week. In addition to the burgers, the menu has a few other fried foods to round out the meal: cheese curds, totchos, wings, onion rings, and more. This new spot will also serve breakfast, with biscuits provided by Betty & Earl’s.

Burger Dive began as an extended pop-up inside Tony Jaro’s bar in Northeast Minneapolis, before moving on to a full time operation inside Rosedale mall.

Construction delays have caused the anticipated opening to move from Wednesday to Friday of this week.

Burger Dive

731 Randolph Avenue , Saint Paul, MN 55102 Visit Website