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No More Tiny Ice Cream Hats For Your Cones, A Favorite Scoop Shop Announces Closure

Izzy’s ice cream, formerly home of the izzy scoop, is only available in grocery stores after August 31

A vanilla ice cream cone with a tiny berry scoop on top
Fare thee well, little scoop. We’ll cherish the good times, the Irish Moxie and Buttermilk melds, the chocolate and Midnight snack meetings inside a fresh waffle cone
Izzy’s [Official]

Izzy’s Ice Cream, home of the tiny second scoop, has announced the closure of its Minneapolis ice cream shop, effective August 31. Izzy’s Ice Cream will continue to be available in various grocery stores across the metro region and online. Store owners Lara Hammel and Jeff Sommers first opened Izzy’s in St. Paul in 2000.

The ice cream shop was a popular meeting spot for families and a summer tradition. Ice cream flavors were widely varied and scoops came with the optional “Izzy.” (The Izzy was a tiny bonus scoop that allowed customers to create surprising flavor combinations.) Pictures of ice cream lovers named Izzy were posted at the back of the shop, extending the homespun, familiar feel and giving people something to look at while waiting to order. That original shop closed in April.

Production of Izzy’s moved to Minneapolis in 2013, and a second storefront opened in the new facility at that spot.

The owners said in a statement, “We too feel the depth of the loss of the Izzy’s Ice Cream shop experience and know how much we are collectively losing — as a company, we remain committed to our mission and to our core values and we hope to share many more great moments with you in the future.” They asked for continued support as Izzy’s is reinvented.

Izzy's Ice Cream Cafe

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Izzy's Ice Cream

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