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Minnesota Aims to Vaccinate Food Service Workers in Late Spring

Restaurant workers without underlying medical issues can begin the hunt for shots a couple months from now

A hand holds a vile labeled COVID-19 vaccine
Restaurant workers and food retail workers will be eligible for the vaccine in May/June
Photo by LUIS ROBAYO/AFP via Getty Images

In a press conference on February 25, Minnesota Health officials announced that food retail workers, including those in the hospitality industry, can expect to be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine sometime in May and June of this year.

In Minnesota, the priority has been to vaccinate at least 70 percent of Minnesotans 65 and up. After that benchmark is set, starting in early spring, priority will go to those with either one or two underlying health conditions, depending on their age. At this time, meat packers will also be allowed to access the vaccine, which highlights the essential nature of that work and the high rate of infection that industry has faced.

In May or June, food workers in agricultural settings, food retail, and food service will finally be allowed to get vaccinated.

Officials expect “a significant increase in volume of doses” to increase capacity for vaccination to arrive in the state in early spring.

A chart of the breakdown of vaccine schedule
The timeline released to by the Minnesota Health Department
MHD [Official]

Governor Tim Walz also urged all Minnesotans to remain home when possible, get tested often, and get vaccinated when they can. By summer, every Minnesotan that wants to receive the vaccine should have the opportunity to get one.