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New St. Paul Restaurant Opens to Answer the Call for Comfort Just as Winter Gets Real

Prime rib sandwiches, sticky toffee pudding, and a serious burger contender

It looks like a giant cinnamon roll, on a China plate pool of red sauce, but closer inspection shows crusty cheese, studs of Italian sausage and a little parsley garnish.
A giant roll stuffed with sausage and cheese on top of a plate of red sauce is only an appetizer at the newly opened Chip’s Clubhouse
Chip’s Clubhouse/Website

A powerhouse trio has gathered to create sandwich greatness on Snelling Avenue. Tara Coleman, Gina Mangiameli, and Tim Leary have opened Chip’s Clubhouse on Snelling Avenue in Mac/Groveland. The new spot is right next to Coleman’s first restaurant, Hot Hands Pie & Biscuits. The menu is packed with Americana comforts done beautifully, like prime rib sandwiches, a giant roll crammed full of sausage, roast chicken, and an $8 cheeseburger ready to rival other, pricier smashed burgers around town.

Coleman arrived in St. Paul with impressive experience, including having worked for Stefanie Izard in Chicago, to open Hot Hands Pie & Biscuits in 2019. Even with the pandemic, her flakey wares were popular enough to add delivery and expand hours.

Coleman recruited Mangiameli, who she worked with in Izard’s restaurant and was most recently with Hogsalt, to move here from Chicago to help launch the venture.

Chip’s Clubhouse team of Gina Mangiamel, Tara Coleman, and Tim Leary at a table inside the darkly colored restaurant
Gina Mangiameli, Tara Coleman, and Tim Leary
Chip’s Clubhouse/Instagram

Then, through a serendipitous meeting involving dog walking and friends, Coleman connected with Tim Leary. Leary’s hospitality is well-known in the Twin Cities metro area, from his early days at the iconic Strip Club Meat & Fish to more recent days at Hai Hai in Minneapolis. Before Coleman could even finish telling Leary about her new plans, he interrupted her, “I’m in.”

“Chip’s is what I used to dream about when I was line cooking,” said Coleman. “Like when you say, ‘Man, if I could open a place with three of myself it’d be a little easier!’” But, rather than strike an ability to clone herself, Coleman’s partnered with two equally driven and talented pros.

The restaurant is inside the former Monkey Temple location, and will host a full bar with an array of cocktails and crafted nonalcoholic drinks.

The new eatery is open Thursday through Sunday for dinner dine in, carryout, and delivery.