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St. Patrick’s Day Specials That Go Beyond Green Beer in the Twin Cities

Lucky Charms cheesecake, stout-spiked soda bread, and a more temperate green shake

An assault of color in cheesecake form, a tall slice has a graham cracker crust, weird grayish purple marshmallow layer, then stripes of leprechaun green, yellow, and orange. All garnished by tumbles of Lucky Charms marshmallows
Muddy Paws Cheesecake’s clever use of Lucky Charms
Longfellow Grill/Facebook

March 17th, 2021 will hesitantly be called the last St. Patrick’s Day in quarantine. Bars won’t be packed to the gills in a sea of green shirts and beers this year. For some extroverted types, it’s understandably a drag. For others that dread drinking holidays, a St. Paddy’s day at home might not be considered the worst way to celebrate. The specials below all deliver something different, from cheesecakes to coffee beans, to classics like Irish soda bread and stew.

Longfellow Grill and Muddy Paws Lucky Charms Cheesecake

Longfellow Grill will feature a family-friendly option: Muddy Paws cheesecake pop-up. You may have liked it as a child yourself, but have you ever dared to try a Lucky Charms cheesecake? Without the eventual letdown of soggy cereal bits, this colorful creation has a cereal crust and cereal milk in three vibrant layers. A more adult 2 Gingers Whiskey Cheesecake flavor and Lucky Charms are both available as full-sized desserts. If you can’t make up your mind, a four-pack of mini cheesecakes the size of cupcakes includes Marbled Grasshopper, Bailey’s, Irish Apple, and Shamrock Marshmellow Mint Chocolate Chip.

Get it.

Merlin’s Rest Pub’s Cozy Irish Stew

A favorite that is always a good idea and especially so during the last chilly moments of March: a warming bowl of Irish stew. Enjoy steak, potatoes, onion, carrots, and underrated root veggie rutabaga in light beef gravy. Perfect for soaking up booze if you choose to imbibe and will ideally assist in keeping any painful hangover at bay. Or eat some the morning after when you feel less than fantastic. Whatever works. Just eat it.

Get it.

A loaf of Irish soda bread in front of a Finnegans Brew Co. growler
Finnegan’s Brew Co. | Instagram

Irish Brown Bread Made with Finnegans’ Dead Irish Poet Extra Stout

Loaves will be available at Kieran’s Kitchen, Irish on Grand, pre-ordered, and picked up at Finnegans on March 17th. They are affordably priced at $6 and $2 per loaf will be donated to support the Irish Fair of MN. Those looking to celebrate at home can tune into Finnegans Facebook and Instagram Live On Friday, March 19th at 4 p.m. Local comedian Tane Ganger and founder of Kiernan’s Kitchen, Kiernan Folliard will discuss the story and making of Irish Brown Bread and anything else Irish-inspired that strikes their fancy. It may go without saying that a growler would be an apt way to celebrate at home, either by doubling down on even more Dead Irish Poet Extra Stout or the Irish Amber.

Get it.

‘Paddy’s Folly’ Coffee Beans Collaboration

Folly Coffee Roasters is releasing a coffee collaboration with Tattersall Distillery just in time for St. Patrick’s Day called “Paddy’s Folly.” The two barrel-aged coffees are made by aging Sumatran coffee beans in Tattersall barrels. Individual 12oz bags of beans aged in either wheated bourbon barrels or rye barrels are $25 each. Bundles including one of each are available for the discounted price of $40. You can also find Folly Coffee Roasters on Spotify and give their March Roaster’s Choice playlist a whirl with your morning cup.

Get it.

Iced latte in a jar and hot latte in a black branded Claddagh Coffee mug. Both are topped with whipped cream and dusted cocoa powder.
Claddagh Coffee | Facebook

Claddagh Coffee’s O’Bailey Signature Latte

Irish St. Paul coffee shop, Claddagh’s drink of the month is a flavor combination available throughout March. The O’Bailey latte is a take on an Irish coffee sans whisky. Instead of booze, homemade Irish cream is added to hot or cold press coffee and topped with coconut whipped cream and a shake of cocoa powder. Other combinations include the St. Paddy’s latte with coconut, dark chocolate, and espresso, or the Pot O’ Gold latte with honey, turmeric, ginger, and espresso. It’s almost cold brew season, so pick up a $2 metal straw too.

Get it.

Bad Waitress Diner’s Mint Green March Specials

For the month of March, Bad Waitress will serve three minty desserts. A bright green Shamrock Shake topped with whipped cream and green sprinkles, a chocolate Andes mint muffin, and a mint marshmallow pie with Oreo cookie crust. If you, like me, can inhale an entire box of Junior Mints or always snag an Andes chocolate when they are complimentary at a restaurant ... these picks might be just the ones for you.

Get it.

The Wedge and Linden Hill’s Co-op | Facebook

The Wedge Co-op’s Lucky Clover Shake

If you love a shamrock shake but want something a touch healthier, The Wedge’s version is lovely in its simplicity: just vanilla soft serve, coconut milk, mint oil, and spinach. A sneaky green added for a dreamy pastel hue and, you know, for vitamins. Available in 12 oz for $5.50 and 16 oz. is $6.50 until April.

Get it at the juice bar.

The Bad Waitress Diner & Coffee Shop

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Claddagh Coffee

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