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Northeast Distillery Expands to the Land of Brandy Old Fashioneds

Tattersall will be a new destination for Wisconsin booze runs

tattersall mural
Tattersall is taking its bottles and heading to Wisconsin
Lindsay Abraham

Tattersall Distilling announced today that it’s shifting production to a new distillery complex in River Falls, Wisconsin. The cocktail room in Northeast Minneapolis will reopen in June to serve drinks and host food trucks, but after a rough year for cocktail rooms in general, and restrictive liquor laws, the distillery’s owners have made major plans to move a majority of its business out of state.

The new distillery will rise in the land of brandy Old Fashioneds, where the booze flows a little easier: Wisconsin. In Minnesota, distilleries are restricted to being able to sell only a small amount of their products to go, and the cocktail rooms can only serve spirits made by the distillery. If Tattersall remains on pace with its current production, it would soon be deemed too big by our current liquor laws to also operate the Northeast Minneapolis cocktail room.

In the five years since childhood friends Jon Kreidler and Dan Oskey first opened Tattersall, the business has boomed, with bottles of their spirits now being sold across the country. They make over 30 different products.

The new distillery will allow room for expansion of products and facilities. There will be an on site restaurant, huge patio space, an event venue and retail space. The location also allows them to easily work with area farmers to source grains for distilling locally and they’re putting in a mill to mill their own grains.

The venue will also lean into green energy working with Renewable River Falls with solar panels, water reclamation system that will recycle production water, and spent grain will go to a cattle and bison farmer.

The new River Falls distillery is expected to open this fall.

Tattersall Distilling

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