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Prospect Park’s Long-Awaited Food Hall Promises Empanadas, Pizza, Pandan, and More

The project, in the works since 2017, anticipates an early summer opening

Malcolm Yards Market / Facebook

Malcolm Yards Market will finally open in June Minneapolis’ Prospect Park neighborhood. The community gathering space/food hall from Patricia Wall and Matty O’Reilly will bring new life to the historic Harris Machinery building. Given its close proximity to the Green Line, University of Minnesota’s intercampus bus and bike trail, the forthcoming O’Shaughnessy Distillery, and Surly Brewing, the market is situated in a burgeoning food and drinking neighborhood.

The previously vacant building will host nine locally-owned eateries — six of which have been announced. The remaining three will be unveiled soon. A self-pour tap wall will serve a rotating selection of beer, wine, cider, wine, and kombucha, while cocktail aficionados can enjoy a more traditional bar experience by bellying up to the boxcar bar.

The market’s website lists goals of cultivating public art, upcoming maker spaces, walking trails, and more. As for food, here is what we know so far about this exciting new food hall.

Joey Meatballs

The latest “red sauce joint” is headed by Chef Joshua Hedquist, formerly of Giulia. The Twin Cities is no stranger to homemade pasta, but the flexibility for customization at Joey Meatballs is sure to provide even the pickiest eater with something they’ll enjoy. The build-your-own pasta bowl is a mere $9 with choices of pasta shape, sauce, and “goodies” like protein, spices, vegetables, or cheese at an additional cost. Caesar salad for one, six, or, twelve, and olive oil and sea salt focaccia sticks with dunking sauces round out the rest of the menu. And who could forget “bucket of balls,” a titular dish that comes with six for $19 and twelve for $39.

The vegan “Captain Brussel” with roasted brussels sprouts, zhoug, white bean hummus, kumquats, purple radish, and pine nuts
Advellum Vegetable Eatery / Instagram

Advellum Vegetable Eatery

This brand new concept from Chef Michael Shaugnessy and wife/business partner Viorica Pierce promises to showcase locally-sourced, seasonal vegetables. The online menu is clearly labeled and adaptable for dietary preferences and gluten allergies – and while Advellum labels itself as a veggie eatery, it isn’t strictly vegetarian. Side dishes like the Benjamin Bacon – a mung bean pancake with oyster mushrooms, bok choy kimchi, gochujang aioli, and more – also feature pork belly. For the devout meat-eater, additional proteins like salmon, chicken breast, and vegan Herbivorous Butcher smoky ribs can be added to any order of fresh greenery.

Wrecktangle Pizza

Our very own local take on Detroit-style pizza will join Malcolm Yards to serve its inventive pies. While a specific menu has not been released for the food hall, it seems likely that options for the gluten-friendly crust and vegan cheese will remain. The spicy-sweet Shredder pie with pepperoni, pickled jalapeños, whipped Cry Baby Craig’s honey, and pecorino is a fan favorite. Its vegan counterpart, the cheekily-named Shreddatarian, features meat-free Phony ‘Roni instead.

A double scoop ice cream cone with a green ooze dripping over a vanilla scoop to a red waffle cone, with crumbles on top.
A breathtaking key-lime cupcake cone
Bebe Zito

Bebe Zito

Ice cream and burger shop Bebe Zito will bring sweets and meats to the market. Ben Spangler and Gabriella Grant-Spangler will handcraft their playful frozen flavors at the Good Acre and sell the Bebe burger out of a food truck on the weekends. The thin, crispy griddled patty is a diner-style dream, and when paired with a shake or scoop, is a veritable party in your mouth. For only $5.95 for a single and $7.95 for a double, you can feed the whole family dinner and dessert on the cheap.

Del Sur Empanadas

Diego Montero and Nicolas Nikolov, Argentine natives and owners of Del Sur Empanadas, are no strangers to good food on the go: The Del Sur food truck has sold empanadas and sandwiches to Twin Cities residents since 2014. The portable and flavorful empanadas are perfect for anyone who likes to walk around places like farmers' markets while snacking simultaneously. The food truck also sells frozen empanadas for firing off at home, classic desserts like flan and tres leches cake, and bottles of Jarritos, of course.

Beautifully plated Char Siu featuring house marinated Cantonese bbq pork, cucumber, and pickled jalapeño | Facebook

Abang Yoli

An interpretation of Asian cuisine that combines elements from Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, and Japan will open for the first time in Malcolm Yards. It’s headed up by Chef Jamie Yoo, who previously worked under Gavin Kaysen at Bellecour. The menu offers an impressive number of dairy- and gluten-free options, each bursting with diverse flavors. The spicy gochujang Korean-style boneless chicken, marinated Cantonese barbecue pork (char siu), and grilled cauliflower paired with sides like pandan cookies, kimchi slaw, pickles, and steamed coconut jasmine rice, are ideal to order for a group to share and enjoy family-style.

The Market at Malcolm Yards food hall is slated to open at 501 30th Avenue Southeast in June.

Malcolm Yards

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