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An All-THC Taproom Is Popping Up in Northeast This Weekend

Minneapolis Cider Company is hosting an event highlighting Minnesota-made THC drinks in the new Buch Fermentary & Taproom space

Yellow and blue cans that read “Trail Magic” in an ice bath.
THC beverages from a wide range of local breweries and cideries will be available for tasting and purchase.
Minneapolis Cider Company

A first-of-its-kind pop-up is debuting at the former Able Seedhouse and Brewery space in Northeast Minneapolis this weekend: a dedicated THC taproom. Of course, the drinks here aren’t really on tap — Minnesota’s new THC law allows the sale of food and beverages containing 5 milligrams of THC per serving, which means these beverages are carefully measured and packaged into cans and bottles. But they’re available for tasting and purchasing to go, from Bauhaus’ tart grapefruit Tetra to Fulton’s effervescent blood orange sparkling water. Minneapolis Cider Company is hosting the event, which runs from December 15 through 18, and Buch Fermentary and Taproom, which will soon open in Able’s former spot, has offered up its space. There’ll be food, live music, and activities, too — check out hours and full details here. The four-day event is something of a celebration for the many local breweries and cideries that have been at the forefront of Minnesota’s booming new THC beverage industry, as well as a peek into where it’s headed in the new year. Here’s what two of these makers had to say about the future of the industry — and in the meantime, check out where to find locally made THC beverages around the state.

Jason Dayton, co-founder of Minneapolis Cider Company

“What’s been super important for us at Trail Magic is to build a sustainable, inclusive industry in Minnesota. We didn’t want this to be a quick cash grab. We’re doing this to build cannabis as a category for Minnesota local producers.”

“It’s really hard to get people who are non-cannabis users to buy into THC beverages. They want to buy products from their local grocery stores or liquor stores. If we want this category to be successful, we need to make it super accessible for folks to try.”

“There’s a really wide range of opinions on what should happen with hemp-based beverages in Minnesota with the legislative session coming up in January. Because of the type of beverages we make, using hemp, this is federally legal, so it allows us to hold events like this one and share a space with a brewery that sells alcohol.”

Ryan Appleby, founder of Buch Fermentary & Taproom

“The THC beverage market is an emerging market here in Minnesota, so there’s obviously a demand for it. We’re just trying to make the healthiest version of that product for people to try. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to grow and expand in a way that people want to see more of.”

“In 2023, one thing we’re looking forward to doing more is face-to-face research and development. This event is important for us because it allows us to debut our THC and hard kombucha products for people in-person. Having a taproom allows us to make a small batch of a product, keg it, and see what people think.”