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A set of shelves stocked with colorful bottles against a white wall, with a small black fridge to the right and a table in the foreground.
Marigold is now open next to Honeycomb Salon on Nicollet Avenue.

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The Best Picks at Minneapolis’s New Nonalcoholic Bottle Shop for a Festive Holiday

Not a drinker? Check out these festive holiday picks from Marigold in Minneapolis

Justine Jones is the editor of Eater Twin Cities.

Whether it’s a fragrant batch of mulled wine simmering on the stove or a sparkling flute of champagne, the holidays are a season for festive drinks as much as glazed hams and sugar-dusted sweets. But if you’re not a drinker, fear not: Marigold, Minneapolis’s new nonalcoholic bottle shop, has you covered. Owner Erin Flavin quit drinking during the pandemic — a one-time wine lover and self-described “product nerd,” she set out on a mission to track down the best nonalcoholic drinks on the market, from elixirs, mixers, and sparkling botanicals to nonalcoholic wines. Marigold, just next door to Flavin’s hair salon, Honeycomb, is stocked with them. These drinks transcend the sugary realm of mocktails you’d find at the average bar, leveraging herbal pairings, painstaking fermentation processes, and tart fruit juices to create nuanced, very grown-up beverages. (The elegant packaging helps, too.)

Demand for nonalcoholic beverages has been growing steadily over the last few years. But Marigold has brought something entirely new to Minneapolis: A one-stop shop for the mocktail maker’s every whim. Shopping at Marigold feels like an event, every bit as festive as popping into your favorite wine shop on a snowy evening. Here Flavin and Marigold manager Lara Valente have highlighted five of their favorite nonalcoholic picks for holiday sipping — read below for their recommendations and food pairings.

A hand pouring yellow liquid into a cocktail glass, and a bottle labeled “Mixly Pineapple Basil Lime” against and orange and pink background.
Mixly’s mixers make whipping up a mocktail easy.

Mixers from Mixly Cocktail Co

“This local, woman-owned company makes the most delicious mixers! All you need is a splash of soda water and a nice glass to make a fantastic mocktail. We love every flavor, but the grapefruit jalapeno (with a salt or tajin rim and a lime wheel for a mock-arita), cucumber lime mint (throw a lime slice and some fresh herbs in for a spa-worthy beverage), and pear vanilla (garnish with a lime peel or even a slice of pear) are our absolute favorites. We firmly believe that all mocktails should be served in a lovely glass and garnished as you would a regular cocktail, it truly makes a difference.”


A bottle of white wine on a white background with a white label that says “Oddbird” and has a graphic of a small black bird.
Oddbird’s organic white wine.

Nonalcoholic wine by Oddbird

“This company is so cool. It works with small vineyards in France and amazing natural winemakers to make the most delicious nonalcoholic wine. It sources grapes grown without pesticides or herbicides, does minimal intervention in the wine-making process, and has the alcohol removed after fermentation. These wines are beautiful, approachable, and affordable. The sparkling wines are perfect for any occasion, and the Riesling blend has complexity, great acidity, and well-rounded sweetness. It pairs well with fish and poultry dishes.”

$22 - $30

A bottle of red beverage with a white label that reads “NON 5” next to a glass filled with the same beverage.
NON 5 is juice-based, but not too sweet.

NON 5, a lemon-marmalade-hibiscus beverage

“NON beverages are a delicious wine alternative, especially for those wanting something that doesn’t mimic wine but is still complex and delicious. All are juice-based, and have light carbonation and balanced, adult flavors (a.k.a., they’re not juice or sugar bombs). Perfect with anything rich and spicy, we love this beverage either in a wine glass or served with a couple of cubes of ice and an orange peel. It pairs well with most meats or spiced dishes.”


Four small aluminum cans with orange, yellow, and pink labels against a white background.
3Leche’s canned sparkling botanicals.
Justine Jones

3Leche — everything

“We love our local rockstar nonalcoholic beverage makers over at 3Leche. These products are wildly versatile and absolutely delicious. We carry all three of 3Leche’s vermuts, which can be sipped on their own, over ice as an aperitif, or mixed with a spirit replacement for a perfect mocktail. We particularly love pairing the rosso vermut with a whiskey alternative and the rosa vermut with a tequila replacement. Just pop a garnish on that bad boy and you are good to go! All of 3Leche’s canned sparkling botanicals are also exceptional.”

$4 - $30

A red mocktail garnished with an ice cube and basil leaf against a purple background.
A raspberry Muna mocktail.
Muna Elixir

Muna Elixir’s nonalcoholic elixir

“Made in Brooklyn, this herby, bright elixir makes for the perfect aperitif or a nightcap. We love it plain on the rocks, or with a splash of soda and lime juice. It’s also fantastic with ginger beer and a squeeze of lime to make a ‘Muna Mule.’ They also have a ton of other mocktail recipes on their website (like the ginger ‘Munarita,’ cinnamon apple spritz, and hot hibiscus toddy).”


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