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A Kyoto Cocktail Trailblazer Arrives in the Twin Cities — And More February Pop-Ups

Exciting Twin Cities pop-ups worth checking out next month

A black bowl filled with white foam with orange and green garnish against a white background.
Tomoiki Sekine of Kyoto bar Nokishita711 is popping up at Kado no Mise and Skaalven Distillery.

Tomoiki Sekine at Kado no Mise

Nokishita711, a standing-room-only Kyoto gin bar, revels in experimentation: Bartender Tomoiki Sekine is known for his “liquid cuisine” philosophy, which uses alcohol as a lens to explore unexpected food combinations (think: peach, grilled beef, and sweet chili vinegar with green tea and vodka). Sekine will be serving both a special cocktail menu at Gori Gori Peku — Kado no Mise’s Japanese whisky bar — and a sake-based cocktail pairing for the 10-course Kaiseki menu in the restaurant’s dining room. Find tickets for the February 3 and 4 dinner, with options at both 5:30 p.m. and 8:45 p.m., on Tock.

Tomoiki Sekine at Skaalven Distillery

On Sunday February 5, Tomoiki Sekine will head north to Brooklyn Park for a cocktail pop-up at Skaalven Distillery from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Think of this as the relaxed after party for Kado no Mise’s more formal affair. It’s first come first serve, though expect to pay a seating fee (as is common in many upscale Japanese bars). Sekine is bringing an assortment of syrups and cocktail ingredients he made back home in Kyoto. Skaalven co-owner Tyson Schnitker says he and his wife Mary (also a co-owner) recently visited Nokishita711 on a trip to Kyoto.

Dahlia at Falling Knife Brewing Co. and the Briar

Dahlia — helmed by Travail alum Nat Moser, Sarah Julson, and Alex Althoff — is operating entirely as a pop-up for the time being, though plans for a permanent restaurant are in the works. For now, catch this breakfast-forward operation at Falling Knife Brewing Co. on Saturday, February 11 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. for flaky, beautifully laminated sweet and savory pastries, plus a doughnut inspired by one of Falling Knife’s beers. On Sunday February 12, find Dahlia serving pastries and sweets — plus a TBD menu — at the Briar in Northeast from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Later February pop-ups are in the works, too.

A glazed pastry on a blue plate.
Find Dahlia at Falling Knife and the Briar in February.

A Renaissance feast at the historic Rathskeller

On Saturday, February 25, Mancini’s and Rök Eatery are teaming up for a Renaissance-style banquet at the historic Rathskeller, located at the base of the old Schmidt Brewing Chimney in St. Paul. Gather with friends around the traditional long table, enjoy live music and juggling performances, and take advantage of the full bar, courtesy of Mancini’s. The event runs from 6 p.m. to 12 p.m. Find tickets on Tock.

Gori Gori Peku - Japanese Whisky Bar

33 North 1st Avenue, , MN 55401 (612) 338-1515 Visit Website

Mancinis Char House

531 7th Street West, , MN 55102 (651) 224-7345 Visit Website

Skaalvenn Distillery & Cocktail Lounge

8601 73rd Avenue North, , MN 55428 (763) 762-7858 Visit Website

Falling Knife Brewing Company

783 Harding Street Northeast, , MN 55413 (612) 354-7101 Visit Website

Kado no Mise

33 North 1st Avenue, , MN 55401 (612) 338-1515 Visit Website

The Briar

1231 Washington Street Northeast, , MN 55413 Visit Website