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Women in orange uniforms and women in black uniforms playing basketball in front of a large audience. The shot is from behind the hoop; one player jumps to rebound as another tries to block her.
The Lynx versus the Sun, in September.
NBAE via Getty Images

What to Eat at Target Center, Home of the Minnesota Lynx and Timberwolves

Tacos, jerk chicken, and ice cream for game nights

Target Center may be the home of the Minnesota Lynx and Timberwolves, but it’s also home to an impressive line-up of concessions. Executive chef David Fhima has added some stellar options to the ubiquitous hot dog and popcorn menus offerings this year. Not knocking a solid hot dog — but below, find a few exceptional snacks for hoops night.

Soul Bowl

Chef Gerard Klass’s soul food brings the flavor season after season. The beef patties are simple but kicky, definitely not for the spice-averse. The Caribe Bowl is heaped with jerk barbecue chicken, sweet plantains, rice, and diced pineapple. Added bonus: A bowl is an ideal vessel for game time eating.


Fhima’s chicken lollipops are marinated Moroccan spices. They deliver a flavor punch in the very best way, and the chicken is juicy and tender, no easy feat at a large venue. Or try Fhima’s Wagyu burger. These sliders are presented on squishy brioche buns, the way the burger gods intended.

El Burrito Mercado

Noshing on a taco from a paper boat balanced on your knees may not seem like the easiest option, but El Burrito Mercado’s al pastor taco is well worth the risk. Tender, red-hued pork sprinkled with lime is what every game day should be about.

Rolling Smoke

Hearty Minnesotans love their smoked meats, and Rolling Smoke does not disappoint. The menu highlight here is a house-smoked, chopped pork sandwich with Jack Daniels barbecue sauce.

Wicked Kitchen

For dessert, the surprisingly creamy chocolate and red berry ice cream cone from Wicked Kitchen wins the game. The tart berries add a lovely touch — and it’s vegan, too.

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