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Two pizzas; one tipped with meat, white sauce, and herbs, the other topped with dulce de leche and banana slices.
Ouro Pizzaria’s Brasilia and Bananinha pizzas.

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Eat Street Crossing’s Sushi Sandwiches and Dulce de Leche Pizza Are Here

The food hall’s grand opening is this Saturday, March 4

Justine Jones is the editor of Eater Twin Cities.

After three years of development, locally led food hall Eat Street Crossing opens in the Old Arizona Studios on Nicollet Avenue this weekend. The food hall has a number of counters serving a wide variety of dishes like izakaya-style sushi and a stand-and-slurp ramen bar from John Ng and Lina Goh of Zen Box Izakaya; Brazilian pizza, burgers, and ice cream from Gabriella Grant-Spangler and Ben Spangler of Bebe Zito; bubble tea from Chatime; and a full bar program and wine wall by beverage director Trish Gavin, formerly of Khâluna, Lat14, and Lemongrass.

Eat Street Crossing is one of this year’s most anticipated openings. The space itself is remarkable — the exposed brick walls are decaled with murals of Prince and Julia Child, a golden constellation of rattan lamps dangles from the high ceiling, and the basement bathroom is painted a sleek race-car red. But the real stunner is the eclectic menu, which, despite its vast range in cuisine, feels coherent and casual.

Now that full menus for each counter are finalized, a few highlights are worth mentioning. Sushi Dori’s Spam sandwiches, which pair a fluffy egg patty with a slab of Spam between two sheets of nori and remarkably tasty sushi rice, are getting a lot of buzz. Ouro Pizzaria’s Bananinha pizza, topped with dulce de leche and roasted banana, is exquisitely salted and golden all over, including the crust. Ramen Shoten’s menu features three chicken broths and one vegetarian — a huge deal for the local ramen scene, where tonkotsu broth dominates. Bebe Zito has a Negroni Sbagliato with Prosecco In It ice cream flavor, and Gavin drafted an extra cocktail menu with a drink for each astrological sign: Leos get a gold rush-inspired drink with extra honey, and Scorpios get Malort and lager.

Take a sneak peek at Eat Street Crossing’s menu and space before the grand opening.

Sushi sandwiches from Sushi Dori

Two sushi sandwiches stacked on a silver tray and wrapped in paper.

Peach ice cream from Bebe Zito

A red paper cup filled with toffee-colored ice cream.

The bar, with cocktails on tap

An industrial-mod bar with a wine wall behind it.

Bao from Ramen Shoten

A bao stuffed with meat and veggies on a silver tray with paper on it.

Sushi from Sushi Dori

Three rows of sushi on white paper with a red and black design.

Eat Street Crossing’s upstairs event space

An archway in a wall that’s painted blue and says “sewing room” with a couch in the next room.

Bubble tea from Chatime

A plastic cup of orange liquid with little yellow cubes of jello in the bottom.

Honey butter chicken from Bebe Zito

Fried chicken and french fries with a small dish of sauce.

Ramen Shoten’s stand-and-slurp counter

A wall with a colorful motif wall paper and a window in the middle with a wooden counter attached.

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