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Twin Cities Food Writers’ Biggest Hopes for Restaurants in 2024

A look ahead at the coming year in restaurants

An array of colorful Jamaican sodas on a counter.
Ting and soda at Nanny’s, in St. Paul.
Tim Evans/Eater Twin Cities

It’s an Eater tradition to round out the year with a survey of local food experts — editors, writers, reporters, and a select few others — on the highs, lows, and surprises of the past 365 days in dining. Today, our panel looks at our biggest hopes for restaurants in 2024. Have thoughts to share? Feel free to add them in the comments.

Stephanie March, food and dining editor of Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

That we continue to support the small and the big initiatives, that we equal out the hype so that our eating landscape can grow organically with the next generation of line cooks stepping up into ownership. That we all stop doing shit that isn’t serving anymore.

Mecca Bos, food writer, chef, and BIPOC Foodways Alliance founder

That people will stop thinking about restaurants as ego projects designed only to boost their own personal profiles. Restaurants can be an opportunity for change. Think more deeply about what we’re all doing as food professionals, and why.

Em Cassel, editor and co-owner of Racket

More sandwiches! Better sandwiches!

James Norton, editor and co-founder of Heavy Table newsletter

I’d like to see an increasing flood of second- and third-generation Asian / East African / Mexican spots open, restaurants that keep the roots of their food cultures strong while making the vibe and menu inclusive and welcoming. People who really know Minneapolis-St. Paul dining talk about the Southeast Asian spots on University Avenue and the taquerias on East Lake Street and the Somali and Ethiopian food throughout the metro — the more we can all embrace, celebrate and recognize that this our region’s superpower, the better off our food culture will be.

Golnaz Yamoutpour, @eatdrinkdish founder

My biggest hope for local restaurants in 2024 is that they will be relieved from all this inflation. As a consumer I can see that the price of dining out is becoming more and more pricey, and it’s keeping people from supporting their local community. I started Eat Drink Dish to help support local businesses, and it’s been interesting to see how the dining scene has evolved in the past 10 years.

Natalia Mendez, freelance writer and Eater Twin Cities contributor

Expanded thoughtful and elegant mocktails and n/a options that are beyond hop waters. I’m interested and excited to see how the legalization of cannabis will shape our local food and drink scene, too!

Stacy Brooks, freelance writer and Eater Twin Cities contributor

That things will be a little bit easier for the hardworking people behind them! The pandemic, staffing issues, inflation: it’s been such a rough few years. I hope 2024 will bring more stability.