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A white plate with three pork cops topped with minced Brussels sprouts and dots of cashew puree, with a brown liquid spilling onto the plate.
Berkshire pork chops with cashew puree and Brussels sprouts.

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A New French American Bistro Fires Up in South Minneapolis

Bûcheron leans into France’s bistronomy movement, applying fine dining technique to essential dishes — and adding a little Minnesotan flair

Justine Jones is the editor of Eater Twin Cities.

Bûcheron, a new French-American restaurant from Adam and Jeanie Ritter, opens Tuesday, January 9, in the former Revival and Corner Table space in south Minneapolis. The Ritters, both raised in the Midwest, met in Las Vegas and whirled through restaurants in California, Singapore, and Chicago before landing at Gavin Kaysen’s Bellecour, where Jeanie directed front of house, and Demi, where Adam led the restaurant’s intricate tasting menu as chef de cuisine. At Bûcheron, though, they’re leaning more bistro than haute cuisine, emulating France’s bistronomy movement by merging fine dining techniques with essential dishes like venison tartare, grilled carrots in yogurt, sticky toffee cake, and, in Jeanie’s words, a “really delicious steak.”

Peer into Bûcheron’s semi-open kitchen — the pizza window, a relic from the building’s past life as corner slice shop Lufrano’s, has been expanded behind the bar — and you’ll see chefs rolling fresh sheets of pasta and plating pork chops. Ritter applies laser-like attention to vegetables, roasting turnips with bone marrow; tossing gem lettuce with lobster and citrus; and dunking celery root tortellini in acorn broth. He’s serving an octopus Bolognese, too, poaching the meat before it’s run through a meat grinder.

“Gavin gave me free rein at Demi,” Adam says. “During the four or five years I worked there, we learned so much, and for sure, we’re applying that here. The plates are a bit bigger, and maybe there are less garnishes. Otherwise we kept the same mantra, but a little more approachable.” Chef de Cuisine Cory Western and general manager Tyler McLeod have also come to the Bûcheron team from Demi.

Yellow tortellini floating in brown acorn broth in a beige clay bowl on a wooden table.
Celery root tortellini in acorn broth.
A tall coupe glass filled with a clear cocktail on a dark wood counter, in front of a deep green wall.
Bûcheron is keeping the bar and window counter open for walk-ins.
A round wood table with green chairs around it and wine glasses and napkins on top of it, with a bar and other tables visible in the background.
Gone is Revival’s 70s-style wallpaper.

There are distinctly Minnesotan influences on the menu, too: rye chips and spruce tips in the venison tartare; ample root vegetables (including a parsnip ice cream). “Bûcheron,” after all, means “lumberjack” — or so the Ritters thought before a French acquaintance set them straight. “He said the literal translation is ‘man of the woods,” Adam says. “We were like ‘Oh, it’s even cooler.’”

“Our joke with our designer was that we want it to feel like city chic with a whisper of lumberjack,” Jeanie laughs. Both of the Ritters and Western, an avid forager, grew up on farms, and the menu reflects as much — acorns and rhubarb come from Adam’s family’s farm; raspberries from his uncle’s.

A chicory salad with greens and hunks of roast beets on a white plate on top of a wooden table.
Chicory salad, with poached beets.
Jeanie Ritter, wearing a dark green blouse, and Adam Ritter, wearing a white shirt and dark green apron, standing in the interior of their restaurant.
Jeanie and Adam.
A glass with a small amount of green liquid at the bottom and a strainer with a sugar cube on top of it. A glass pitcher is dripping water onto the sugar cube.
Sugar cubes melting into cocktails.
A white plate on a dark wood counter with a small cake covered in dark toffee sauce, with a quenelle of orange sorbet on the side.
Sticky toffee cake with mandarin sorbet.

The Ritters live just a few blocks south of the restaurant with their two young sons. “We’ve always wanted the neighborhood [aspect], and a building that has some history,” Jeanie says. “It’s going to be a great place for special occasions — it’s such a sexy little room for a date night. But you can also bring your kid at 5 o’clock and have a nice dinner.”

Both have opened restaurants in the past but Bûcheron is the first that’s truly their own. “It’s way different when you’re doing it by yourself,” Adam says. “I opened Demi but we had the structure of Soigné behind us, all of Gavin’s restaurants behind us. With [Joel] Robuchon, when I opened that, it was also a huge corporation. This has been a little more... I don’t know what the word is. Feisty?”

“I mean, it’s challenging, but it’s also incredibly fun and exciting,” Jeanie adds. “We get to build what we want it to be.”

Bûcheron’s hours are Monday through Saturday, 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Reservations can be made on Resy.

The exterior of a brown brick building with black awnings and a sign that reads “Bûcheron” in gold script.
New life in the storied Revival and Corner Table space.


4257 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55409 Visit Website

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